Online-only fashion brands cater to contactless customers

Only a decade or two ago, when internet shopping was still in its infancy, some people balked at the idea of ever buying clothing online. That has already changed a lot, but the pandemic this year really accelerated the move towards contactless shopping and buying things from home or wherever you and your mobile device are. One recent forecast predicted that almost a quarter of total apparel sales will be online by 2023.

Buying online and receiving deliveries at home is a convenient and safe way to shop for clothes. Samsung C&T Fashion Group is online and on-trend and some of its brands are only available digitally on its online shopping mall SSF Shop.

B_ - online unisex casual wear

Just last month, Samsung C&T Fashion Group’s established contemporary select shop BEAKER launched its latest online-only brand, B_ (pronounced bee underbar). Aimed at the 25 to 35-year-old men and women who already do a lot of online shopping, B_ offers unisex, contemporary clothes. The empty space of the underbar reflects the wish to capture the various feelings and values of the modern age, expressing them through apparel.

B_’s debut offering consists of unisex items including coats, jackets, cardigans, shirts and sweaters in loose fits and neutral colors.

Far left: B_ 20FW Nep Yarn Cardigan Left: B_ 20FW Short Trench Coat Right: B_ 20FW Wool Single Coat Far right: B_ 20FW Puffer Coat

kuho plus – modern minimalism for young women

Launched in 2019, kuho plus is an offshoot of global womenswear brand KUHO. A young contemporary label, kuho plus offers products that are new, trendy and give high value for money to women in their 20s and 30s who pursue modern minimalism.

Timeless classics and minimalist styles have been interpreted with the youthful sensibility that only kuho plus has this fall season by utilizing details such as volume fit, cropped silhouettes, cloth patches and asymmetry. The collection showcases a variety of garments, including a jacket in neutral colors highlighted with green and blue, a trench coat, a dress, a blouse, and denim slacks.

Left: kuho plus 20FW Unbalance Stripe Shirt / kuho plus 20FW Signature Semi Wide Pants Right: kuho plus 20FW Signature Single Breasted Jacket / kuho plus 20FW Front Button Shirred Blouse

MVIO – K-ontemporary casual for young men

First hitting the streets in 1995, MVIO went fully and solely digital in 2019 to cater to men in their 20s and 30s. Its core concept is a modern and practical Korean contemporary, or “K-ontemporary,” even, casual brand. Focusing on a simple and refined style, the product reflects the natural curves of Korea to express minimal details combined with restrained relaxation.

For a comfortable and optimal fit, MVIO has developed the optimal fitting system for each body type based on the analysis of data collected from millennials. For instance, the brand designed its own patterns that best fit each body type: taller and thinner people on the one hand and shorter, larger people on the other.

MVIO’s 2020 Fall collection is characterized by the use of clean designs, materials and patterns developed within the company, and rich colors – all used in items that stay faithful to must-have basic menswear items such as set-up jackets, round knitwear, and slacks, all infused with a feeling of minimalism.

Left: MVIO 20FW Lusso Collar Knit Pullover Right: MVIO 20FW Ambition Crewneck Knit Pullover

OIAUER – for young women who take the initiative

In the contemporary womenswear market, OIAUER is an online-only label launched in 2019 as a brand for women who take the initiative. Inspired by women who have that can-do spirit who create styles based on their own values and preferences, OIAUER reflects a lifestyle trend that emphasizes work-life balance, and its clothes are just right for going out to work and living everyday life while still retaining their femininity. According to OIAUER, it is the best brand for women who enjoy a flexible lifestyle.

This fall season, OIAUER has introduced its “able” series, which neatly expresses feminine silhouettes, colors and detailing. The line consists of basic jackets, pants and shirts that can be put together to create any style, including suits and casual pairings. The overall look is soft and refined, using natural browns, beiges and ivories, with soft blue as a statement color.

Left: OIAUER 20FW Basic Shirt Right: OIAUER 20FW Two Button Jacket / 20FW Ribbon Detail Shirt

KUHO’s essential line

Keeping things minimal, contemporary brand KUHO in September released its own essential line available exclusively to online customers. The line consists of KUHO’s key items, such as cashmere-blend handmade coats, down jackets, and tailored jackets, newly interpreted by the addition of cool elements to stripped-back and restrained designs. As the name suggests, its fall/winter collection this year consists of only must-have items of 28 types that go well with anything with a style that remains timeless regardless of trends.

Left: KUHO 20FW [essential] Cashmere Blended Minimal Coat Right: KUHO 20FW [essential] Belted Knit Vest
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