Enjoy the tactile treats of padded and furry accessories

Which textures give a feeling of warmth in winter? We humans are tactile creatures, seeking out surfaces with a certain feel that gives comforting and pleasant sensations. When weather turns cold, we are naturally attracted to things that feel furry, fluffy, or padded because these textures feel comfortable and warm. That is true not only for clothing, but accessories too. So let’s look at some accessories that will keep you looking good and offer the textures that you crave in this cold winter season.

Padded sells

In wintertime it is not just the clothes that cover our arms, legs, and torso that are important, but the hats on our heads, the shoes and boots on our feet, and even the bags that we carry.

Objects that are padded, like a puffer jacket for example, have a thickness that gives a feeling of providing an extra layer of protection from the cold air and wind. This psychological effect may help us to feel warmer than we actually are.

It is probably for that reason that padded hats and caps, as well as shoes and boots are hot items this year. Padded bags are popular too; not only does holding one feel like a soft gentle hug, it also looks stylish and hip. Small cuboid padded bags that maximize utility and leather cuboid padded bags made of soft leather feel so pleasant that you might want to carry them around with you even inside your home.

Furry, fluffy, and woolly warmth

Humankind’s first clothing was made from animal furs, so it is probably in our DNA that we feel warm and protected when we touch something furry or fluffy. This is probably also one of the reasons we like to keep pets – petting them makes us feel warmer.

These days, eco-fur and animal-friendly furs, fleeces, bouclés, and so on in highlight colors like ivory, pink, blue, and mint green are an ideal way to keep warm while looking hot.

For your head, a hat and scarf are a popular combination of course, but not everyone wants one that is very long. That is why shorter and wider scarves are more and more popular. Don’t overlook a woolly knitted balaclava that covers your scalp as well as your ears, neck, and throat. A well-fitting balaclava in a soft color like mint or gray not only looks warm, but it also feels great.

Furry footwear is here, too. While keeping your toes toasty, a pair of shaggy clog sandals or boots looks fun. What’s more, the eco-fur bucket bag is a must-have item this winter. The eco-fur makes it soft and inviting to the touch, lightweight, and stylish. They come in a variety of sizes and colors like beige, gray, and ivory.

This winter, when the temperature is expected to be harder than ever to predict, winter accessories that add warmth while looking trendy are preferred by fashionistas. For a more stylish and warm winter look – and, just as importantly, a warm feel – look to padded, furry, fluffy, and woolly accessories to pair with your winter outfits.



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