Caribbean Bay opens outdoor thrills for early summer blast

Following last year’s record high temperatures, South Korea was given an early reminder of summer when May warmed up earlier than usual. With local temperatures already reaching the mid-30s Celsius, authorities have been issuing heat advisories earlier than ever.

As the region is expected to see more hot weather early in the summer, there is welcome news from Caribbean Bay, South Korea’s biggest water park, where most of the outdoor attractions are back in operation this month. That includes the return of Caribbean Bay’s most popular features such as Mega Storm and Tower Boomerang Go.

A visitor of Caribbean Bay uses a wakeboard to surf some waves.

Located just south of Seoul and operated by Samsung C&T Resort Group, the water park is right next to the iconic Everland theme park. The added advantage of Caribbean Bay in June is that it is not yet peak season, but it is still warm enough to feel like July.

Beating the heat with a thrill

Thrill-seeking visitors may want to cool off with a kick, and Mega Storm promises to send them into a refreshing spin. It is an intricate waterslide that starts with a magical floating coaster and culminates in a tornado effect. Up to six people at a time can get in a tube before bidding gravity farewell and descending a 355-meter-long slide that finishes in a funnel.

Can you and five of your friends brave Caribbean Bay's Mega Storm?

Other attractions guaranteed to release some adrenaline are the aforementioned Tower Boomerang Go as well as Tower Raft in Caribbean Bay’s Wild River zone. They both rise and fall together, offering a vertical rush to wash aside the early summer heat.

Meanwhile, surfers can save themselves a trip to the coast and brush up on their skills by catching some waves over at the water park’s Surfing Ride.

A family-friendly oasis

Naturally, vertical drops are not for everyone. But there is something to be found for all the family within Caribbean Bay’s 120,000 square meters of fun.

Cliff dive as deep as you can go at Caribbean Bay.

June visitors can take full advantage of the outdoor Kiddie Pool, which allows infants to get a taste of swimming and young children to experience waterslides and aquatic seesaws. Families might also bond during a gentle 550-meter-long float on tubes.

If rest is the order of the day, there are outdoor spa facilities featuring open-air baths and sanctuaries for physical and mental healing.

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