Safety and service come first at Everland and Co.

If safety and service are two important measures of success in the leisure sector, then October was a good month for Samsung C&T Resort Group. The company, which operates Everland, South Korea’s biggest theme park, and Caribbean Bay water park, as well as prestigious golf courses such as Gapyeong and Ansung Benest Golf Clubs, announced on Oct. 9 that it had been accredited with one of the world’s strictest safety certificates, ISO 45001. It is the first such certification in the Korean theme park and golf industries. Everland was further boosted later in the month when it cameby ranking top of its field for a 20th consecutive year, according to the 2019 Korean Standard Service Quality Index (KS-SQI).

Industry-first health and safety recognition

Samsung C&T Resort Group head Chung Keum-yong celebrates reaching a new safety milestone with Korea Standards Association Chairman Lee Sang-jin.

Awarded by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), ISO 45001 aims to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better working conditions.

In order to meet the ISO’s strict evaluation of health and safety management, Samsung C&T Resort Group set up a specialized system to anticipate, remove and manage risk factors in all business aspects affecting employees, partners and customers. The company also introduced manuals and procedures following international standards to ensure the participation of all staff while campaigning to improve the image of health and safety management.

“It is significant that this is the first accreditation in the industry,” said Samsung C&T Resort Group head Chung Keum-yong. “We will internalize safety by being more strictly compliant to the rules and processes to develop our resorts into safer and happier places for both employees and customers.”

20 years at the top

Everland requires close attention because it caters to around eight million visitors per year. Staff spend up to three hours every morning on safety checks of the theme park’s dozens of attractions, plus regular emergency drills and monitoring. The ISO 45001 award means Everland is now the first Korean theme park that has three major international certificates, as it already earned ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 for environmental and energy management, respectively.

Everland staff take pride in their efforts to give visitors a magical time in a safe environment.

South Korea’s leading theme park reaffirmed its status by coming first in the 2019 KS-SQI – a position it has held since the index began in 2000. Jointly developed by the Korean Standards Association (KSA) and Seoul National University’s Institute of Economic Research, the index was introduced to measure quality in the service sector. Caribbean Bay, which is located adjacent to Everland, has also ranked top of the KS-SQI’s water park list since its renewal in 2013.

Various factors account for this success. Everland’s service philosophy, “Design Happiness,” works on the basis that visitors will be happy if staff are happy. The theme park’s Cast University fosters an army of entertainers, while its Service Academy is an investment in research and development to develop customer service. Moreover, Everland’s integrated customer service management system analyzes the timing, tendency and frequency of any complaints. This information helps on-site service personnel come up with solutions alongside executives.

Of course, it’s also important that Everland continually develops its content and attractions in order to ensure visitors have a good time. So far, the indicators are very positive – in addition to the KS-SQI, Everland has been top of the service segment of the Korean Management Association’s index for customer satisfaction (KCSI) for 25 years. From thrilling attractions for younger people, to fun rides for kids, to botanical gardens for seniors to relax, the theme park is recognized as a great place to visit – and work at.

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