Everland turns into a cool tropical fantasy for the hot summer days

Everland, Korea’s largest theme park, is somewhat like a chameleon, always looking different. However, instead of changing its appearance to suit the surrounding environment, the park alters its look to match the seasons of the year.

Now for the heat of summer, Everland has given itself a makeover, transforming into a tropical oasis with trees, flowers and water features.

Tropical Fantasy Garden

Everland’s main garden, appropriately named the Four Seasons garden, has been transformed into a tropical fantasy full of tropical plants with large foliage, such as palm trees, colocasia and banana trees.

Besides the large and leafy tropical plants, colorful summer flowers such as canna lilies, summer snapdragons, and coleus fill the garden with their freshness and bright blooms.

A number of locations decorated with flower boats, bird cage planters, and colored acrylic squares have been set up throughout the garden to create relaxing, restful respite from the summer heat.

Everland by day and night

During the day, a 24-meter-long, 11-meter-high LED screen shows footage of the sea and palm trees waving in the wind, giving off the feeling of a seaside resort.

At night this same giant display shows countless fireflies darting around the screen, recalling the childhood wonder at the glowing flying bugs and taking one’s mind back to summer nights trying to catch them in a glass jar.

Also after dark, the area around the Four Seasons Garden, now transformed into a Tropical Fantasy Garden, changes even more with sparkling firefly laser lights dancing in the air. These lights make it seem as if the air is filled with real fireflies, adding romance to the air of summer nights.

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