More winter activities open up at Everland

There are few experiences more fun in wintertime than playing in the snow – sliding down a snowy slope, lying down and making a snow angel, throwing snowballs, and making a snowman. It is amazing how these simple childhood pleasures stay with us well into adulthood.

Nature is not always generous with her downfall of frozen water, and not every winter is a truly white one. This winter in Korea it has been dry and too many snowfalls have melted away within a day or two. Luckily, thanks to technology and persistence, artificial snow is an available solution, and Everland has all the snow you need to have a fun winter day.

Snow Buster already open

Everland already opened its popular Snow Buster attraction the day before Christmas. This is where lovers of snow sledding come to satisfy their passions for downhill speed and exhilaration in the cold snow.

Left: Looking down the Snow Buster Racing Course Right: All aboard the Snow Buster Express Course!

The Snow Buster is very large, taking up 1.5 hectares, and there are three sledding courses: the Family Course, the Racing Course and the Express Course, each suited to different age groups and levels of thrill.

And now a Snow Yard

Everland has also opened the Snow Yard where parents and children can play happily and enjoy snow in their own unstructured way. An area in front of the Snow Buster’s Racing Course measuring 20 by 20 has been covered with a layer of 20-25 centimeters of artificial snow so that nobody will miss out on a chance to play with snow. There is even an igloo to allow young ones to experience what it is like inside a house made of densely packed snow.

Left: The snow yard has lots of fluffy snow to enjoy. Right: An igloo and snow sleds provide fun for the kids.

A mini sledding slope allows people who are not yet ready for the Snow Buster to whizz down a gentle hill on one of the 50 plastic snow sleds placed there for their convenience.

With the freedom to play according to their whims, children can enjoy the Snow Yard in many ways.

This is also a place where children and adults can make a large or small snowman, or even just hold snow in their hands. There are so many ways to experience snow, whether it is powdered, firm, wet, or even slushy.

Children can make snow animals using colorful plastic molds.

Other fun activities

Everland has introduced even more fun things to do during winter, including the exciting board games Penguin Roulette, Jenga, Connect Four, Break the Ice and more.

After sledding and making snow figures, it might be time for a game or two.

Conveniently located near the Snow Yard and Snow Buster is a snack shack that prepares delicious nibbles to eat when all that snow play gives you an appetite. There are streamed rice cakes filled with red beans, roasted sweet potatoes, and fish cake skewers in a hot broth.

For some highlights of the winter activities at Everland, check out the video below!

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