How Theme Park Professionals Ensure Your Safety

It’s hard to find a rollercoaster quite as thrilling as Everland’s epic T-Express, described by the LA Times as one “of the world’s best wooden coasters,” and included on the Travel Channel’s list of the 20 coolest roller coasters in the world.  However, all the gravity-defying fun of the T-Express – and the

How to Experience the Colors of Autumn at Everland

Everland is not just a place for fast rides and exotic animals – visitors can take advantage of the fall season by appreciating the beautiful scenery from the park’s most picturesque places. Beginning with the drive into Everland, possibly in an EVERCAB, autumn’s bright foliage will welcome you with winding roads

Everland’s Guide to Planning an Unforgettable Fall Date

For any season, Everland is an exciting way to spend the day with your significant other. Exciting rollercoasters, Halloween thrills and beautiful gardens can make one fantastically adventure-filled date at Korea’s largest amusement park. In combination with some of Everland’s seasonal attractions, below is a guide for couples of all

Thrill-seekers and Kids Gear Up for Everland’s Halloween Fun

Halloween is a time for dressing up, enjoying all things spooky and having oodles of family fun. In Korea, there is little doubt that the best place to enjoy this delightfully scary time of the year – both for thrill-seeking adults and ghost-loving children – is Everland. This year, you

A Day in the Life of a Panda Handler

Le-bao recently celebrated her birthday, and Everland gifted her this nifty hammock. Check it out in the video below – it looks like the giant panda is a fan of her newest present! https://youtu.be/ibEVpmULeN0

Riding High: What You Need to Know about Water Slides

Feeling hot under the collar in the sizzling summer heat? Sometimes a refreshing dip in the pool just isn’t refreshing enough. One way to make a bigger splash is to join the estimated 85 million people a year who ride water slides. Slides everywhere just keep getting bigger and better

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