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Samsung C&T receives A in latest MSCI ESG Ratings

Samsung C&T has moved up a notch to receive an A rating in the latest MSCI ESG Ratings assessment, jumping from the previous year’s BBB rating. MSCI, or Morgan Stanley Capital International, evaluates and announces ESG Ratings for 14,000 companies worldwide every year based on their resilience to long-term, financially relevant ESG

Growing safety in the construction industry: Samsung C&T E&C

Winter is a time when construction sites are vulnerable to hazards and accidents, so it should make us all the more mindful of the importance of safety. Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group is striving to make its safety systems even more rigorous by conducting internal inspections to check compliance

The crude oil price rollercoaster and its impact

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for international crude oil prices during the COVID-19 pandemic. When you look at a graph of the last five years, you can see that they plummeted in early 2020 at the same time as the pandemic struck. To further illustrate the point, consider that back

Everland’s Snow Buster slides in bringing winter fun

The Snow Buster is probably visitors’ favorite attraction at Everland during the winter months. This collection of three sledding courses has something for everybody, from thrill-seeker rides to ones that are safe for the whole family. Whooshing into the present While the Snow Buster has been very popular in recent

Everland’s Winter Wishes celebration spreads holiday cheer

To celebrate the year’s end, the Everland theme park is doing it big! Its Winter Wishes festival has something for everyone: beautiful scenery to admire, Santa and Rudolph to meet, delicious treats to taste and share, and music and light shows to enjoy. The theme this year is hope and

Juun.J and Goretex make dark gorpcore together

In 2017, a writer at The Cut, a style site run by New York magazine, was looking for a word to describe what he saw as a new fashion trend: the appearance on city streets of clothes usually worn for mountain climbing, trekking and ski trips. Not finding an existing term,

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