Everland celebrates World Animal Day with tiger theme

October is World Animal Month and Oct. 4 is World Animal Day, so it was the right time for Korean theme park Everland to hold its own World Animal Day event with the theme “Save the Tigers, Save the Forest.” The event was held together with the Korea Green Foundation,

Mar Caribe shows its new autumnal face

Spring 2022 saw the opening of Caribbean Bay’s new Mar Caribe Bayside Café. Now that fall is here and the weather is changing, it is time for this mini resort named after the Spanish for “Caribbean Sea” to show its new face. Mar Caribe has undergone both a makeover and

Halloween meets Squid Game at Everland

Halloween is a time when people like to feel chills of fear and the hair standing up on the back of their necks from sudden frights. Every year around this time at Everland, Korea’s premier theme park run by Samsung C&T Resort Group, there is a Halloween festival to thrill

Fu Bao celebrates a second birthday full of enrichment

From 197 delicate grams to 80-plus sturdy kilograms — that is how much growing Fu Bao, the panda born two years ago at Panda World in Everland Zoo’s Zootopia, has done so far. Zootopia, by the way, is a portmanteau of zoo and utopia(Zoo+Utopia). It is no exaggeration to say

Play, eat and learn: 3 shades of summer at Everland and Caribbean Bay

Everyone has their own way of dealing with the summer heat. Some want to play with water in the sun, others prefer to get their mind off the heat with tasty food and drinks, while still others would rather learn or experience something cool. At Caribbean Bay and Everland in

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