Why the Trench Coat Rules ‘Again’ This Spring

It’s not easy to get your fashion look right in spring – although temperatures often climb to summery highs in the daytime, downpours can be chilly, and at nighttime the mercury can drop fast.

For women, there is a classic outerwear garment that is a perfect match to the changeable March-May weather. It is one that helps keep the cold and rain at bay while accentuating the best features of your figure: the trench coat.

In East Asia, few women consider their wardrobes complete without a go-to trench coat, but this year, celebs all over the world – from mom-to-be Beyoncé to chart-topper Rihanna to British songstress Rita Ora – have all been spotted rocking trendy trench coats.

Practically Perfect

Believe it or not, the trench coat first made its debut as a piece of military uniform for the British army during the First World War. Soldiers in the trenches of France wore the world’s first trench coats to shield themselves from the elements.

They went on to become men’s fashion items, reaching peak popularity when Humphrey Bogart wore a fitted trench coat for the 1942 movie classic Casablanca.

In more recent times, they have crossed the gender divide and become essential womenswear, particularly in Korea, where brands like Beanpole Ladies have launched bestselling items that have captured the imagination of women of all ages.

Strike a Pose

This year, Bean Pole Ladies marked the Vernal Equinox, the official first day of spring, with a photo shoot conducted in conjunction with Vogue. The photos show off the trench coat’s multifarious features and wide-ranging fashion potential.

The trench coat has become famous for its ability to subtly accentuate the sensuality of the female figure, making for a sophisticated silhouette. At once formal and casual, you can match a trench coat with everything from a party dress to your favorite pair of jeans.

This year, Beanpole Ladies has showcased light cotton trench coats and environmentally friendly Tencel-material single-button models. These can be paired with denim pants, denim-look linen shirts and formal dresses. Meanwhile on warmer days, fashion fans may prefer to go with a lighter, brighter floral-print dress.

Details including raglan sleeves help provide volume, while classic waist belt make for a distinctly feminine and formal touch.

Cool and Chic

Some items simply never go out of style, and the women’s trench coat is certainly one of them.

Whether you’re caught in an April shower, need to impress at a working lunch or simply want to turn heads the next time you arrive at a party, the trench coat proves time and again that it is the perfect spring outerwear item.

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