How fashion helps the world: The 17th campaign for visually impaired children, Heart for Eye

In this period of fear and uncertainty because of the COVID-19 outbreak, it can be easy to feel a little lost. Therefore, at times like this, we need to be encouraged by good news. Simple acts of charity and kindness, whether by individuals or business, can warm our hearts and lift our spirits. To this end, KUHO is currently running its 17th annual “Heart for Eye” campaign.

Heart for Eye campaign

Since 2006, women’s fashion label KUHO, part of Samsung C&T Fashion Group, has been conducting its annual “Heart for Eye” campaign, to help share the beauty of fashion with visually impaired children. Each year during this campaign, large amounts are donated to offset the costs of surgery and treatment for children with a range of eye problems.

In collaboration with celebrities and artists, KUHO releases special campaign clothing items and gives the sales proceeds to Samsung Medical Center to support sight-giving surgeries and treatment for visually impaired children from low-income families.

To date, the proceeds have helped a total of 361 children receive the eye care they need. KUHO truly has a heart for the eyes of children.

Bright, fun look taking on children's games and artistic collaborations

This year’s theme is “playing with the kids” and in keeping with that theme, campaign garments feature artworks with motifs like origami animals, jigsaw puzzle pieces and amusement park carnival lettering.

T-shirts in white, blue and pink, have been printed with origami versions of children’s favorite animals such as cats and elephants on the one hand, or jigsaw puzzle pieces on the other. These come in both adult and children’s sizes, so the whole family can have a matching look.

Origami animals and puzzle pieces on these KUHO Heart for Eye t-shirts invoke a whimsical feeling of childlike play.

KUHO has also collaborated with artist Kwon Chul-hwa, of the “Studio Concrete” collective. His talent donation has resulted in one “Heart for Eye” t-shirt bearing “Dreamer”, a marker pen drawing that expresses love, children, women and the mind’s eye, and another featuring “My Heart”, an oil pastel artwork that tells a warm story able to be sensed by the ears, nose and mind, not the eyes.

“Dreamer” (left) and “My Heart” (right) by artist Kwon Chul-hwa features on these Heart for Eye t-shirt designs.

Special “Heart for Eye” jackets, cardigans, dresses and pants have also been launched, and these are both meaningful and trendy at the same time. The wide cuffs of the crop jumper create a feminine and romantic mood, while the baggy pants come with a paper bag detailing, so that merely tucking the top in makes an effortlessly stylish look.

Also part of the KUHO “Heart for Eye” Collection: a crop jumper, paper bag detail pants, and long dress.

Profits raised through sales of these “Heart for Eye” clothing items are donated to helping visually impaired children from underprivileged families receive the surgeries and treatments they need to see a better future.

Lastly, KUHO has also released a video with SUBSUB, an illustrator in artist collective ESteem Mixtage, to capture the meaning of the Heart for Eye campaign in a creative audio-visual clip.

In the opening seconds we hear the words “Heart for Eye” spelled out in Morse code, reminding us that letters can not only be written; they can also be heard. To this short music video SUBSUB adds visuals with his iconic round faces and figures that highlight both eyes and hearts, reminding us what this campaign is all about.

Artist SUBSUB has collaborated with KUHO to promote this year’s “Heart for Eye” campaign.

KUHO head Lee Hyun-joo says, “Thanks to talent donations by artists and these artworks designed for KUHO that make people feel good, this year we can once again share in a new way the real meaning of our Heart for Eye campaign.” She adds, “As one of Korea’s best-known womenswear brands, KUHO will convey the beauty of the world beyond fashion through corporate social responsibility activities with our customers, as well as the best garments and service.”

KUHO’s Heart for Eye products are available at KUHO stores in Korea and SSF Shop, the integrated online mall of Samsung C&T Fashion group.

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