Sportswear: Perfect for working out and everyday occasions

Spring is here and that means an increased interest in outdoor sports and activities. Workouts that had to be in an indoor gym during the winter can now be done outside. Thanks to that, and to the social media trend of taking selfies before, during, or after exercising or playing

Accessorize yourself well to bring out your best

The old saying goes that clothes make the (wo)man, but that does not mean only items of apparel – it extends to everything we wear or carry, including accessories. Your hat, bag, shoes, and even your umbrella constitute your image and can give others subtle signs about your sense of

Practical ideas for back-to-school fashions in spring 2023

The start of a new school semester brings with it a familiar excitement: Who will be in my class? Who is my teacher? Will I make a new friend? It is also a time when sales of school supplies and school clothes shoot up, as parents make efforts to equip

Top bottoms: Spring/summer 2023 trends in pants, jeans, skirts

With spring arriving soon and summer just beyond that, fashion-forward women and men are already mulling over what tops to wear, but it is equally important to find a bottom that looks and feels good. This article takes a look at what’s hot in clothing below the waistline in spring/summer

Opening an aperture to the appearance of culture

As every photographer knows, an aperture is the small opening through which light enters a camera to create a lasting image. But now the word has a new meaning: an opening through which culture enters and appears to us. “The Aperture,” made by putting together elements of “appear” and “culture,”

Turn up the volume: Bigger is back in fashion

It is time once again to celebrate size – or, to be more correct, oversize. In 2023, the “big and boxy” look is back in style. Formal or informal, whether it is wide jeans or cargo pants paired with a sloppy joe sweatshirt, or big-shouldered business suits that remind one

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