Seersucker fabric blows a cool breeze into the fashion world this summer

For well over a hundred years, seersucker has been a well-known trick to beat the summer heat. The Wall Street Journal recently included seersucker in a short list of classic cool fabrics together will linen and fresco wool. While seersucker is best known for suits and blazers, Vice magazine in

Eco-friendly fashion can brighten your day

Like most large-scale industries, fashion also leaves its mark on the environment. From the waste of over-supply of inventory to the encouragement of excessive consumption, there are many signs of a lack of sustainability and concern for the planet. But it’s not all bad news. New York, one of the

Getting hooked on crochet fashion

As travel sentiment explodes in the atmosphere of COVID-19’s “endemic” transition, resort looks that can be worn at vacation spots are gaining popularity. The fashion industry said that comfortable one-mile wear has been popular regardless of the season for the past two years, but this summer, products that reflect colorful

Dressing up for work now an endemic phenomenon

At last, it seems the world has largely turned the corner on COVID-19, which is transitioning from pandemic to endemic status. Most countries have ended or eased social distancing measures. One of the biggest changes to the approach to the endemic is that office workers are returning to their offices.

Gift ideas for Family Month

May is “family month” in Korea, with Children’s Day falling on May 5 and Parent’s Day on May 8. In many other countries around the world, the second Sunday of May is Mother’s Day, which this year happens to be May 8. This is why May may be an appropriate time

What’s new in childrenswear trends this season?

Years ago, childrenswear placed a big emphasis on the “cuteness” factor, whereas nowadays things are changing. As the global fashion magazine Elle reported in its March 2022 print issue, “Now […] brands are offering a new aesthetic, a noticeable departure from traditional kids’ styles.” It goes on to explain, “More minimal and casual

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