How to Experience the Colors of Autumn at Everland

Everland is not just a place for fast rides and exotic animals – visitors can take advantage of the fall season by appreciating the beautiful scenery from the park’s most picturesque places.

Beginning with the drive into Everland, possibly in an EVERCAB, autumn’s bright foliage will welcome you with winding roads filled with grand, looming trees leading up to the entrance.

Trails, lakes and gardens all feature the vivid reds, yellows and oranges that color in the park’s landscape, giving families a chance to unwind and refresh while being surrounded by nature and breezy autumn weather.

Prepare your photographer’s eye for capturing wonderful fall photographs that will impress your friends and family, while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here are five of the best spots in the park to experience autumn at Everland:

1. Secret Trail

Take a break from the thrills, and head to the serene Secret Trail that circles the park.  

The Secret Trail, which was officially opened to the public on October 21st, 2016, starts from ‘Columbus Adventure,’ and wanders along the outskirts of the park where it arrives at ‘Thunder Falls.’

Immerse yourself in the beauty of transforming colors while taking this tranquil walk through trees, succumbing to the chilling air and leaf-scattered trails.

2. Glamping Hill

Discover the luxuries of a resort with a rustic, outdoor twist at Glamping Hill.

A long, and excitement-filled day calls for a bit of lazy fall relaxation in cabana-style tents after visiting Everland’s attractions.

There are nine tents that feature heaters to keep you warm, refrigerators, portable speakers and tablet PCs available to guests.

3. Four Seasons Garden

Lose yourself for a moment in the placid beauty of the chrysanthemums this fall at the Four Seasons Garden.

  Known around the world as the favorite flower of November, chrysanthemums fill the garden, creating an opportune moment for taking in the vivid, botanical colors before winter arrives.

4. Music Garden

Add a memorable soundtrack to this season’s beauty by taking a walk through the Music Garden at Everland.

The garden’s healing, five-sense experience integrates music that is in perfect harmony with the plants, giving you a calming feeling for the shifting season.

Watch as the Music Garden’s centerpiece, a 150-year-old zelkova tree, moves peacefully with the autumn breeze.

As we get further into the fall season, take a moment to experience the colors and scenery of autumn at Everland Resort.

Trails, lakes and gardens are just some of the magnificent features that the best time of the year can offer.

Make this year’s fall memories at Everland the best yet.

5. Ho-am Lake

Ho-am Lake and Ho-am Art Museum are located near Everland Resort, directly next to the theme park.

Ho-am lake’s magnificence is radiated through its mirror reflections of the surrounding maple trees, creating a frame-worthy seasonal scene.

Mid-October through November is the perfect time to experience this amazing view.   

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