Water Stellar: The mysterious water planet arrives at Everland

“Summer is here, and the time is right for spraying water at those you meet.” These are not the original lyrics of the song “Dancing in the Street” that David Bowie and Mick Jagger covered, but they might as well be, because during Everland’s water-filled festival until late August, H20 will be sprayed at and on just about everyone.
This summer in Everland there are water-filled shows and interactive performances, games to play, scenes to photograph, and also fireworks and immersive sound. For some peace of mind and perhaps a little moment of Zen there is the Summer Oasis Garden.
Everland this year is a cool place to retreat to.

Water Rangers battle Bambam Man for control of Water Stellar

Until Aug. 27, Korea’s premier theme park Everland has been transformed into a mysterious water planet named Water Stellar. Here on this alternate Earth, clear and cool water gushes forth from many places, cooling interplanetary travelers and giving them a fun experience that helps them forget the summer heat for a while.
Visitors young and old can enjoy a range of wet and watery programs as they join the Water Rangers unit that protects Water Stellar from the villainous Bambam Man, who brings oppressive heat.
For the summer, Everland has become Water Stellar, a water-filled planet.
The biggest and best of these programs is Shooting Water Fun, a massive water show held in Carnival Square twice a day. For about 30 minutes each time, water gushes, shoots, and pours out from all sides. Water Rangers engage in water gun fights against Bambam Man, rushing back and forth from the stage into the audience, and visitors can join in the soaking fun.
As a grand finale, performers and spectators alike dance and play together in the cool water to the sound of exciting club music in the Bambam Club.
A giant Bambam Man overlooks the wet and wild Bambam Club.
Overlooking the scene, perched atop the Magic Time restaurant, is a 13-meter high statue of a giant malicious Bambam Man, who provides a perfect backdrop for taking selfies and videos.

The nearby NERF Water Battle Zone, in collaboration with global toy brand Hasbro, has been upgraded from last year’s incarnation. As well as the carnival games, visitors can use NERF guns and Super Soaker water guns at 8 different locations to up their skills and become members of the elite Water Rangers force. Also, a new water bomb bucket has been installed. Whenever someone pulls a rope, the bucket tips, cascading a torrent of cool water down onto the people below.

Water, water, all around in Water Stellar
For younger visitors there is the Water Play Yard in the Rose Garden, with a fun Bambam water spray, rest areas, and places to take photos. Every hour from 1 to 7 p.m., the Music Water BaMM show will be held at the Rose Castle, combining water sprays with exciting music.

Even brighter than the moon: Evertopia fireworks

The fun does not end when the sun goes down. The nightly fireworks show Evertopia will light up the night sky. For more than a year, Everland has been working hard to prepare this performance that combines pyrotechnics with immersive sound, special effects, and video.
Night falls and the spectacular Evertopia fireworks show kicks off.
This 20-minute spectacle tells the story of the adventures of Everland mascot Lenny and his friends in the world of Evertopia, a place filled with the theme park’s happy energy. Told through a mixture of 3D animation and live-action videos on the massive 24 by 11 meter LED screen, this show can be seen every evening at the Four Seasons Garden from 9:30 p.m. An array of 72 super-sized speakers around the garden gives the audience the experience of being immersed in the performance, creating three-dimensional sound that gives the feeling the show has come to life.

Keeping cool and finding peace in the Summer Oasis Garden

Most recently transformed into a Fairy Town for spring, the Four Seasons Garden has now become a Summer Oasis Garden. Full of tropical plants like banana trees, palms, lotus flowers, and water lilies, the Summer Oasis Garden is a place to find some cool shade on a hot summer’s day and take some holiday-themed snapshots.

The Four Seasons Garden has become a Summer Oasis Garden where visitors can seek shade and comfort.

Meanwhile, on the large LED screen, galleries of summer-themed works of artists Jinseung Jang and Omyo Cho will be digitally shown. Also, cool shelters where people can rest out of the heat in Ice Safari Buses are scattered throughout Everland.

More details about Everland’s Water Stellar summer fun can be found on the website.

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