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Creativity and Challenge: Samsung C&T’s 2017 New Culture Award Winners Part 2

The New Culture Awards have been taking place at Samsung C&T each year since 2006, recognizing some of the talented individuals who make up the company. Previously, the employees who shared their compassion and dedication to the company were acknowledged for their thoughtful contributions in the first article of a

Compassion and Dedication: Samsung C&T’s 2017 New Culture Award Winners Part 1

Each year, Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group organizes the New Culture Awards, a ceremony to recognize outstanding employees who have made noteworthy contributions to the company. The awards ceremony is part of a tradition to highlight the company’s exemplary employee culture, first started in December 2006. In conjunction with a

Samsung C&T on Track with Bahrain LNG Terminal Project

Samsung C&T is taking on part of the Bahrain LNG WLL project as the developer and owner of the joint-venture Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Import Terminal project near Bahrain’s Hidd Industrial Area. The company joined a consortium for the project, which will own and operate the project for 20 years

How Will Blockchain Technology Affect Trading in 2017?

Bitcoin technology has already been around for almost a decade. But as the year comes to a close, tech experts think they have found a new use for one of its core technologies. All of a sudden, the word on every trade professional’s lips going into 2017 is blockchain –

Together as One: Samsung C&T’s Worldwide Corporate Social Responsibility

For any company to grow, it needs to understand the various roles it should take on as a part of a larger society. Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group, which has dozens of offices around the world, understands the value and importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – the fabric

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