Trading & Investment

Trading & Investment

How Will Blockchain Technology Affect Trading in 2017?

Bitcoin technology has already been around for almost a decade. But as the year comes to a close, tech experts think they have found a new use for one of its core technologies. All of a sudden, the word on every trade professional’s lips going into 2017 is blockchain –

Together as One: Samsung C&T’s Worldwide Corporate Social Responsibility

For any company to grow, it needs to understand the various roles it should take on as a part of a larger society. Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group, which has dozens of offices around the world, understands the value and importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) – the fabric

How Samsung C&T is Contributing to the Future of Healthcare in the Middle East

Providing adequate medical care is becoming increasingly important for governments around the world. And in certain regions, such as the Middle East, states are realizing that they must improve their medical infrastructure to supply effective healthcare to growing populations. Consulting and auditing specialist Deloitte reported last year, “Even though the Middle

How Are Different Trade Commodities Transported Around the World?

On the face of it, trade sounds fairly straightforward. One party buys a product, the other party sells it, and perhaps another takes care of distribution. In the 21st century, however, trade and distribution have become more complex than ever. Loading goods onto a truck and driving them to their destination

A Peek into the Dawning Future of Biomass

It is a question that has confounded energy experts, global leaders and technological pioneers for years – in a world with finite resources, a fast-growing population and ever-rising energy needs, how will the future be powered? The International Energy Association says that the world consumed almost 40 percent more power

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