Trading & Investment

Trading & Investment

The Kelar Power Plant Marks a Milestone for Samsung C&T’s Chilean Business

On May 26th, Samsung C&T’s Trading and Investment Group CEO, Shin Kim, and KOSPO (Korean Southern Power Co., Ltd) CEO, Jong-Geun Yoon attended an opening ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of the 517 MW Kelar gas-fired combined-cycle power plant in Chile. The CEOs were honored by the attendance of some 200

Samsung C&T Milano Branch Shows that People Make All the Difference

This is the first in a series of articles profiling the people and the businesses at Samsung C&T’s branch offices around the world. This installment in the series focuses on Samsung C&T’s office in Milano, Italy. Doing business overseas poses several cultural, linguistic and business related challenges for any company

Samsung C&T Delivers Clean Water Access for Delhi Children

The United Nations considers access to clean water to be a basic human right. But, per the World Health Organization, some 663 million people (10 percent of the world’s population) around the globe cannot enjoy regular access to this most fundamental of resources. It is an issue that blights communities in

Hong Kong Street Food: A Samsung C&T Employee’s Personal Picks

Samsung C&T’s Trading & Investment Group is all about cultivating global networks. After all, it is hard to do business in international trade if you do not have your ear to the ground in countries all over the world. That is why Samsung C&T has offices in some of the

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