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Baggy clothes just right for reading, studying and more

Sure, there are days when we want to look sharp and wear a figure-hugging dress or suit and strut stylishly down the streets. But there are also occasions when we just want to cocoon at home or in a café with a good book, wearing pajamas or the next best

3D printing brings innovation to building construction

Now is the time to construct buildings by printing! One of the most exciting new technological developments of the last two decades has been the invention and commercialization of 3D printing. Once the stuff of science fiction, it is now very real, and is being used in fields as diverse

Young fashionistas donning tennis and golf wear

Mirroring the increasing approachability of golf and tennis, clothes made for those sports are so much more fashionable than they once were. It used to be that tennis and golf were the exclusive pastimes of the wealthy and aristocratic classes, and their uniforms were baggy and plain. Today’s golf and

Fu Bao celebrates a second birthday full of enrichment

From 197 delicate grams to 80-plus sturdy kilograms — that is how much growing Fu Bao, the panda born two years ago at Panda World in Everland Zoo’s Zootopia, has done so far. Zootopia, by the way, is a portmanteau of zoo and utopia(Zoo+Utopia). It is no exaggeration to say

From alchemy to semiconductors: Sulfuric acid

The ongoing global semiconductor shortage has raised awareness of supply chains and why it is so important to ensure their strength and stability. There are various materials that are needed to process semiconductors. One of them is sulfuric acid, which is vital for a number of industries despite its accurate

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