Engineering & Construction

Engineering & Construction

Samsung C&T’s E&C Group, a leader in the construction industry

In 2021, Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group successfully won several bids for large construction projects. In the industry, Samsung C&T is striving to go beyond merely doing business by working to solve safety, environmental, and social problems, leading a new developmental construction culture. Let’s find out about the performance

Passionate team leader, Lee Sung-doo interview

The FAB1) construction projects of Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group are renowned throughout the industry for their high standards. Samsung C&T’s E&C Group started its high-tech business in 1980, participating in the construction of Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor assembly plant in Bucheon, near Seoul. Since then, it has been a strong

Samsung C&T receives a top evaluation in the 2020 Win-Win Growth Index

Samsung C&T Engineering & Construction Group is striving to establish a culture of growing together with its partners. Thanks to these efforts, it achieved the highest grade in the 2020 Win-Win Growth Index evaluation for the second consecutive year. In the same evaluation, Samsung C&T’s Fashion Group received the second-highest

Remodeling is key to keeping a structure fresh and stable

The Louvre Museum in Paris was originally built as a fortress in 1190, then it was turned into a Royal Palace and then it became a museum. It has maintained its lofty reputation for over two centuries through good maintenance, renovation and remodeling. Unlike reconstruction, which involves demolishing and rebuilding

Building Information Modeling leader Kim Jong-hoon

Dr. Kim Jong-hoon has the unique career of having joined Samsung C&T not once but twice. He first entered the company in 1995 and worked for about three years. He then left to attend Stanford University for further studies, eventually receiving his doctorate degree in Construction Engineering and Management, with

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