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Passionate team leader, Lee Sung-doo interview

The FAB1) construction projects of Samsung C&T’s Engineering & Construction Group are renowned throughout the industry for their high standards. Samsung C&T’s E&C Group started its high-tech business in 1980, participating in the construction of Samsung Electronics’ semiconductor assembly plant in Bucheon, near Seoul. Since then, it has been a strong

Samsung C&T Q3 2021 earnings

Overall Performance Revenue: KRW 8.303Tn, up KRW 453Bn (5.8%↑) from Q3 2020 (KRW 7.850Tn) Operating Profit: KRW 141Bn, down KRW 75Bn (34.7%↓) from Q3 2020 (KRW 216Bn) Samsung C&T Corporation reported a sound performance in Q3 2021 on the back of improvements in business competitiveness of the Trading & Investment

Global energy crisis: How did we get here and what next?

An energy crisis has now spread across the world, threatening the basic electricity systems of even the wealthiest nations. One of the most obvious indicators of the crisis is natural gas, which has been trading up more than 130 percent in Europe since the beginning of September and over eight times

How fuel cells will drive a clean future

With the world seeking to embrace hydrogen as a clean energy solution, interest in hydrogen fuel – and therefore fuel cells in particular – is gathering pace. Fuel cell technology plays a key role in the utilization stage of the hydrogen economy, which is divided into production, storage, transfer, and utilization

Millennial women wear their every moment with kotelo

Women of the millennial generation are just as interested in fashion as their older counterparts, but they are eager to create their own fashion identity rather than follow trends. That is why new fashion brands that attract millennial shoppers are more focused on individual self-expression. Samsung C&T Fashion Group, which

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