Playful printed patterns show humanity’s fun side throughout history

Humans often show their playful, fun side through the clothes they wear. One bold fashion statement is to wear something with a bright, vibrant pattern. It seems that people have been adding patterns using block printing techniques since at least the 4th century BCE in India and Upper Egypt. In

May is a time for fashionable gifts for all the family

May is family month in Korea, because it is the month in which both Children’s Day and Parents’ Day fall. On these days, family members commonly give gifts to each other. Wherever you are in the world, any day can be a day to give a present to a family

Catching the mood: Spring to summer fashions

As we move further away from winter and summer is almost within sight, the weather is in that space where it is usually too hot for cold-weather clothing but not yet warm enough for hot-weather gear. We all need outfits that we can wear for the cool-to-warm days of spring

Sportswear: Perfect for working out and everyday occasions

Spring is here and that means an increased interest in outdoor sports and activities. Workouts that had to be in an indoor gym during the winter can now be done outside. Thanks to that, and to the social media trend of taking selfies before, during, or after exercising or playing

Accessorize yourself well to bring out your best

The old saying goes that clothes make the (wo)man, but that does not mean only items of apparel – it extends to everything we wear or carry, including accessories. Your hat, bag, shoes, and even your umbrella constitute your image and can give others subtle signs about your sense of

Practical ideas for back-to-school fashions in spring 2023

The start of a new school semester brings with it a familiar excitement: Who will be in my class? Who is my teacher? Will I make a new friend? It is also a time when sales of school supplies and school clothes shoot up, as parents make efforts to equip

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